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Love Lost by Love Belvin ~ Blog Tour

Title: Love Lost

Author: Love Belvin

Series: Love’s Improbable Possibility #1

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You ever wonder what events led up to an individual’s inability to trust? Love Lost starts off by peeling back layers of a young girl who experienced the loss of essential, reliable and nurturing love.

Rayna Brimm, hailing from an inner city in New Jersey, survives a series of betrayal and loss only to forge forward in self-preservation and obtain an education in North Carolina. After receiving her degree, vowing never return home, she finds herself in California where she tries to build a self-contained life. She made a personal declaration to get through life without further dependence on others in order to avoid yet another heartbreak. Only, fate said otherwise.

Enter Azmir Jacobs, a tall, dark, handsome and very wealthy man, who has street credibility and executive power in the corporate world. Azmir has money, power and beautiful women at his beckon call, BUT only one woman has caught his eye. The resilient Rayna Brimm, a woman whose dysfunctional upbringing contributes towards her tough skin, issues with trust and a deep-seated fear to love, turns out to be more than he bargained for when he discovered her in his boardroom presenting a leasing proposal.

Rayna isn’t the only one with a checkered past. Can Azmir conceal his convoluted life long enough to prove that he can provide Rayna the stable and reliable love that she clearly needs and deserves? Or will his lofty lifestyle and endless resources scare her away?

Just when you thought you’d begun the read of an urban novel, you turn the pages and find this is by no means an urban novel, but the journey of a classic love tale and a story of redemption instead. The Love’s Improbable Possibility series is a slow weaving journey of love. Be prepared to progress into the world of Rayna Brimm. A story of loves redemption.


~The conversation got so deep that I had to divert it in order to lighten up the mood. After all, he was cut and dripped with all the ruggedness any decent woman could handle. I rose from my chair and went over to where he was sitting, saddled him and began whispering brazen messages in his ear. I could tell he liked it. He let out a string of chuckles, but I knew my words had a stimulating effect, although he held on to his composure. I guess we were too close to not fuck but he didn’t want to make any false moves. I started grinding on him.
“You have a naughty side to you, huhn?”
“Does this scare you, Mr. Jacobs?” I teased.
“What if I told you it did?” His voice was husky, desirous.
“Then I’d have to do this…” I said as I started grinding at a faster pace but rhythmically to the beat of the music playing in the club. His breathing hitched and his eyes fluttered in direct response. But when his eyes closed, they opened again, settled in sudden resolve.
“I’m not going to fuck you, Brimm.” His words were crisp and seared through me. I stilled in his lap, somehow entrapped by his heated gaze. Rejection constricted my throat. I was confused but couldn’t speak to ask for an explanation. I could only peer through his compelling eyes. “It’s not what you think,” he continued. Azmir was able to see right through me and picked up my insecurities. His eyes remained stapled to mine. “I won’t fuck you until you make it clear that you want me to.”
“What’s making it clear?” Did he want me to beg for it? I wasn’t into that. I didn’t possess the level of aggressiveness needed for that.
“You will not only ask for it, but you’llprepare the table for me to fuck you…well. And I will,” he spoke hoarsely; I could tell he was aroused. Hell–I could feel his steely erection beneath me. I was knocked clear off balance by his abrasiveness. He grabbed my hips. “Besides, you’re menstruating. I’m Muslim, Brimm. And according to the Qur’an it’s haram to fuck when you’re bleeding.”
Whathow does he know? I was completely embarrassed and thrown by him knowing that I was menstruating.
“I can smell you.” Abruptly, I rise from his lap preparing to withdraw. He tightened the grip on my hips, this time the tips of his fingers digging more into my ass. “Don’t worry, it’s not offensive. In fact, to the contrary, it’s intoxicating…the best sexual aroma I’ve ever experienced. Don’t move.” His tone was clipped, very CEO mien.
Strangely, I was turned on.  
“So you expect me to believe you brought me out here without sex on your agenda?”
 “Have I attempted sex?” More terse stemmed from his lips.
“Because my period is on you haven’t.”
“Your period wasn’t on when we arrived.”
What in the hell! How does he…
“So did it change your mind?”
“It was never an intention, Ms. Brimm.”
“Then what was?”
“Many are personal, but mostly because I wanted you with me these past few days. I am chasing you and didn’t want a break during this critical time of getting to know you. Also, what I need you to understand is what life is like being connected to me. You should know what the travel is like, what the leisure is like, what the time away does to you. To me. I wanted to see how you meshed with my family. I’ve decided that I want you.” His tone was nonchalant, as though his words were so easy to express.
He wants me and that’s no big deal? 
He continued, “I need to know that you want me, too. All of me.”
“And sex?” I needed to know what the begging thing was all about.
“…Is the way you’re going to consent.”
Many questions flooded my mind and I began chewing the inside of my mouth, a habit I thought I’d abandoned when I left Jersey. Is Azmir running some type of game? Why is he so intense? Would I want to be with a man so controlling and calculating?
“Don’t think about it too hard and long. I need your trust, your bare to the bone exposure,” he stated slowly and resolute. Little did he know, I was incapable of trust. Devoid of expectations of others. How could I tell him that we could never work?~

About the Author

Love Belvin is a native of the Tri-State area and now lives in the Delaware Valley. She's an avid reader and enjoys dinner parties with her closest girlfriends. While she enjoys many things, nothing excites her more than curling up with a glass of wine and a good romance novel

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