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2 ecopies of Breathe Into Me by Amanda Stone giveaway!

Since Breathe Into Me released early, the winner from out last giveaway already had it.Instead of going through and trying to find someone who didnt have it, we decided to run a new contest and add another copy! So we are starting another giveaway for 2 ecopies of Breathe Into Me by Amanda Stone. (Amazon only)
2 winners will each be gifted the ebook via Amazon. This contest will only be for 24 hours.
Good Luck!!

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Cover Reveal: Call Me Crazy by Quinn Loftis

Call Me Crazy
by Quinn Loftis
Due to Release May 2013

“I’m looking out from inside the chaos. It must be a one-way mirror because no one seems to be able to see back inside to where I am. The looks on their faces, the judgment in their eyes, tells me everything I need to know. The most frustrating part about the whole messed up situation is that even though I’m the one that they stare at in shock, I am just as shocked as they are. I know no more than they do of why I lose control. What they don’t know is that I am more scared of myself than they could ever be.” ~ Tally Baker

After a devastating turn of events, seventeen year old Tally Baker is admitted to Mercy Psychiatric Facility where she is diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. She has come to a place where she honestly believes that her life is over. Her mind tells her that she will never smile or laugh again, that she will never be normal again. It is in this unlikely place that she meets two people, different in every way, yet both critical to helping her realize that she has so much more living to do.
Candy, a cantankerous sixty year old Mercy Psychiatric patient, is hell bent on driving everyone as crazy as she is. Candy shows Tally that, regardless of her diagnosis, the ability to push on and live her life to the fullest is her choice and hers alone. In the midst of Tally’s oftentimes humorous, sometimes heart-wrenching, escapades with Candy, a new patient is admitted to Mercy—a Native American woman named Lolotea. Along with this new patient comes a daily visitor, her son, Trey Swift. At first glance, it is obvious to Tally that he is incredibly handsome and unbelievably caring. But what she learns through her second glance, and many thereafter, is that there is much more to Trey than he ever lets on. It is during these daily visits that Trey and Tally build a friendship far deeper than either of them truly realize. With Trey, Tally feels for the first time since being admitted that someone is looking at her as a person and not as a disease. Trey begins to make it clear that he wants more than friendship, but she knows that she can never give him more. How can she, when she won’t even give him the truth? Tally doesn’t tell Trey that she is a patient at Mercy, and she doesn’t ever plan to. Her plans go up in flames when she finds out that Trey is a new student at her school, the school where her brokenness was found out in the floor of the girl’s bathroom in a pool of her own blood.

Call Me Crazy Trailer
Author Bio
Quinn lives in beautiful NW Arkansas with her husband, son, Doberman and cat (who thinks she is a ninja in disguise). She is beyond thankful that she has been blessed to be able to write full time and hopes the readers know how much all of their support means to her. Some of her hobbies include reading, exercising, crochet, and spending time with family and friends. She gives all credit of her success to God because he gave her the creative spirit and vivid imagination it takes to write.


Other Books by Quinn Loftis:

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Rock My Bed by Michelle Valentine Blog Tour Stop

Im so excited to be apart of the Rock My Bed blog tour! I LOVE Michelle!! Her work is absolutely amazing! Im very anxious to get my hands on Riff ;-)
So we have an excerpt from Rock My Bed for you today.

Rock My Bed synopsis:

Everything always seems to fall into place for twenty-four year-old Aubrey Jenson, except for when it comes to her luck with men. Bad boys always draw her in and crush her heart, and Black Falcon’s lead guitarist, Riff, is no exception. After sharing a few wild nights together, she leaves him behind; knowing a guy like Riff isn’t the relationship type, merely just a play thing.

When she returns to New York, she tries to get the passion she felt in Riff’s arms out of her head by dating Isaac, a successful representative at Center Stage Marketing. Just when she thinks she’s forgotten Riff, she’s forced to see him again when her best friend, Lanie, ropes her into being a bridesmaid for her upcoming wedding to Black Falcon front man, Noel.

Sparks fly instantly between Aubrey and Riff when they’re forced to reunite, and suddenly she finds herself caught between the man that’s good for her and the one who completely rocks her in every way.

**New Adult Romance--Book 2 in the Black Falcon series. This book can be read without reading book one.**
Security holds the mass of female
fans behind my back and I lock eyes
with Legs McGee. When she catches
me staring, I give her my most cocky
“Damn, you’re sexy,” I say as my
eyes rake slowly over her body. She
has amazing tits. Tits are totally my
weak spot on a woman.
Her eyes narrow as I stare at her
chest openly. I try to make it very clear
to women what I want from them, that
way there’s no misunderstanding
between us. I don’t do relationships.
She’s glaring at me like she wants
to kill me, which only makes me smirk.
I love it when they play hard-to-get. I
reach into my back pocket and pull out
a ticket. She’s earned it, and she’ll
make a great distraction. “This golden
ticket grants you access into my pants
when our set is over. Hold on to it tight
and give it to security that guards the
buses. They’ll let you through. I only
give away one or two of those a night.
Consider yourself a lucky lady.”
I stuff the paper into her hand, and
she flinches at my touch.
Odd, that’s not the typical
reaction I get from a girl.
Leggy Hottie shakes her head and
attempts to hand me back the paper.
“No thanks.”
“Not interested?” I laugh. She’s
ho t and funny. “Sweetie, that’s cute,
but you don’t have to play hard to get. I
know why you’re back here, and I can
guarantee there’s no better time to be
had than the one you’re going to get
with me.”

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Michelle’s Bio:
New York Times Best Selling author Michelle A. Valentine is a Central Ohio nurse turned author of erotic romance of forthcoming novels ROCK THE HEART (2012) and ROCK MY BED (2013). Her love of hard-rock music, tattoos and sexy musicians inspired her BLACK FALCON series.

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Breathe Into Me by Amanda Stone giveaway!

Breathe Into Me by Amanda Stone
 Release date: May 2, 2013

Eighteen year-old Kelsey Rien is more than ready to leave her past behind her.

Wanting nothing more than to walk into a room without everyone knowing the horrific details of an event that changed her life six years ago, she vows to concentrate on school and make something of herself.

But then she meets Kane Riley - the local bad boy. Kane's reputation is far from perfect, but is there more to him than what everyone else sees?

Kelsey soon learns that you can’t run from your past, no matter how hard you try. When her nightmares find her once again, Kelsey must find the courage to face the demons that have been haunting her and save the people she loves most.


Ok, so most of you know that Author Amanda Stone's debut novel, Breathe Into Me, is set to release May 2, 2013. Well being her sister and close friend, Janessa and I are a little impatient and want to giveaway an ebook copy for Amazon only (sorry nookers. look in the future for a giveaway for you) when it goes LIVE. Also, Amanda has so graciously agreed to throw in 2 signed postcards!
So 1 winner will recieve the ebook copy of Breathe Into Me when it is live on Amazon.
2 winners will receive one signed postcard from Amanda Stone.
So thats 3 winners total.
Here is the rafflecopter for the giveaway. It ends on Friday, April 26. 6 days before the release date. So onces its live the winner will receive the ebook via email. The winners of the postcards will receive their signed postcards via mail directly from the author.
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Wicked Cravings by Suzanne Wright Blog Tour -- Excerpt and Giveaway

I can't tell you how excited I am for this book! The first book, Feral Sins, is AMAZING!! One of my all-time favorite books!


Despite having been besotted with Dante Garcea since she was a child, wolf shifter Jaime Farrow figures that it’s time to move past the crush. If he wanted her, he wouldn’t have ignored her flirtatious behavior, right? Hiding her intense attraction to him isn’t easy – especially now that they're part of the same pack again – but with bigger issues to worry about and with the submissive wolf act to maintain, Jaime is resolute on moving forward. Now if only the workaholic control-freak would let her…

As the pack Beta, Dante doesn't have the space or time in his life for a relationship. As such, he ignores his intense hunger for the willful – and sometimes crazy – Jaime. Yet when her flirtations abruptly end, Dante finds that he doesn’t like losing her attention. He finds something else too – Jaime's hiding something. Determined to uncover her secret, he sets out to break through her defenses, even though being around her intensifies his cravings for her. What he finds is a problem that Jaime is convinced not even a powerful Beta can solve.


After three days of nothing more than polite smiles and having Jaime expertly avoid his company and questions, Dante was at a point where he wanted nothing more than to strap Jaime to a chair and torture her secret out of her. He could liken his experiences with Jaime to the act of holding a fish—it was smaller and weaker and therefore should be easy to grab and restrain, but it had a way of slipping out of his grip and going on its merry way.
Whereas in the beginning his motive to uncover her secret had been concern, the whole thing was now more of an obsession. It hadn’t been long before his frustrations had overridden his males-shouldn’t-intimidate-females ethic. And what had she done in response when he demanded that she tell him? Patted him on the head and sang, “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?” The female was killing him.
Her attempts to avoid him were helped along by how demanding his job was. Still, each afternoon over the past three days he’d turned up at the dog sanctuary to take her to lunch. Each time she had avoided him. The first day he had arrived to find out that she had left early and gone to lunch with Pretty Boy. The second day she had eaten an hour before and was working the afternoon to cover someone else’s shift. Today she had arranged to go for lunch with her female coworkers for one of their birthdays. What could he say to that? It was only later that he wondered whether it truly had been anyone’s birthday. Taking into account Jaime’s sly streak, probably not.
His patience was wearing thin. Too damn thin. Making it worse, he had to watch Dominic flirt like crazy with her all the time. He knew they were just playing and that nothing would come of it, but it pissed off his battered ego just the same. Marcus had picked up on how annoying Dante found it, and his response had been to begin flirting with Jaime, too. And Marcus was good at flirting. He could make even the mated females blush. Jaime was unfortunately no exception. Although she didn’t give Marcus any encouragement, she didn’t discourage him either. Dante’s ego was having a real bad time with it—not to mention his wolf, who had serious issues with both Dominic and Marcus right now.
Increasing Dante’s agitation, she was still driving that tin can of a car every day. Each morning he had instructed her not to take it, she had given him a “whatever you say” look, and then she’d gone and done what the hell she wanted to anyway. In short, there was simply no controlling her. As a person who was used to being obeyed and having his orders respected, Dante didn’t know how to deal with this female.
Likewise, he didn’t know how to deal with the raw cravings he was experiencing or the unfamiliar twinges of possessiveness and jealousy. Furthermore, he was beginning to find her intriguing on a nonsexual level. Dante didn’t do nonsexual levels. He was pissed with both himself and her about the whole thing. So when he saw her unlocking the tin can later that evening, something in him snapped. “Didn’t I tell you not to drive that thing?”
Surprised, Jaime jumped, and slowly turned to face the pain in the ass stalking toward her. She sighed tiredly. “There’s nothing wrong with it.”
“I told you, it’s not safe,” he insisted, coming close. “It’ll be better if someone takes you wherever you’re going and picks you up afterward. In fact, I’ll do it myself.” He gestured to the SUV beside her car. “Come on. Where are you going?”
“It’s really not necessary.”
“Where are you going?”
Shit, that voice. It pulled at her, demanded compliance. As usual, Jaime’s body
immediately responded to the dominance that coated it—her pulse went into overdrive and her clit decided hey, what the hell, I will, too. Her need for him beat at her insides, at every defense she had against his raw masculinity. “I’m meeting up with Shawn.” She almost jumped again at his growl. “Dante, you really do need to get over your problem with him.”
She was probably right, but Dante couldn’t. The thought of her with the human had anger ripping through him. Images of Pretty Boy kissing her, touching her, being inside her, were flicking around his head and threatening his legendary self-control— control which had been tested by this female too many times over the past few days.
Making it worse, his wolf was clawing at him, raging at the idea of her and Pretty Boy together. As far as his wolf was concerned, no one else had a right to touch her. Feeling the extent of his wolf’s possessiveness only infuriated Dante more. When it came to Jaime Farrow, he was no more in control of his wolf than he was of her. Currently his fingers were tingling with the need to touch her. He wanted to take that mouth, to plunder it with his tongue just as he wanted to plunder her body with his cock.
Shaking off those thoughts as best he could, Dante scrubbed a hand down his face and switched his focus back to their conversation. “You need to break it off with him.”
She sighed. “This is getting real old and real boring.”
“You can do better than a human anyway.”
“For God’s sake, will you just let it go!”
“You can’t tell me he satisfies you, Jaime. A human can’t give you what you need.” “He satisfies me just fine. Not that it’s any of your business!” Suddenly everything
seemed deadly quiet.
Again, those words did something to him and his wolf. Dante stepped closer and arched a
brow. “What was that?” His tone dared her to repeat it. She should have felt claustrophobic having his big build towering over her, but it strangely sent her horniness level rocketing, which made her even more pissed off. “It’s. None. Of. Your. Business.”
That was when Dante lost all control. © Suzanne Wright

Short bio:

Suzanne Wright lives in England with her husband, two children (one angel, one demon), and her bulldog. When she's not spending time with her family, she's writing, reading, or doing her version of housework - sweeping the house with a look.

Lost in Distraction by BJ Harvey -- Blog Tour Stop- Deleted Scene


In the three years after a horrible crime claimed her family, Elise Halliwell has been alone, shut off from the world in a self-imposed emotional exile. She goes through the motions, finishes high school and moves across country to start college and begin the next step in her pre-destined life.

But her exile is dramatically cut short by the entrance of a dark haired, blue-eyed, smirking man who shakes her to the core, achieving what everyone else before him has failed to do, he makes her feel again.

As much as he wishes it were different, fate has not brought Braxton James into Elise’s life, or has it. Brax has to keep her safe from people in her life who have ulterior motives and may want to hurt her.

Elise has no idea the threat she faces, and Brax wants to make sure it stays that way. But as Brax struggles with getting close to her, he begins to live a lie. Unable to resist the pull that is Elise’s bright green eyes, infectious giggle, and loving heart, he finds it impossible to stay away, so the double life of being Elise’s boyfriend and keeping her safe begins.

Full of twists and turns, danger and revelations that no-one could predict, you won’t be the only one lost in distraction.

*This book contains adult situations and explicit content/language*

Deleted Scene

Set when Brax has walked Elle back to her apartment after their coffee ‘date’


Once I’m inside my apartment I sit down and replay the morning’s events. For the past three years life has been a big blur, my sole focus has been on getting through high school and moving onto college. My life consisted of nothing other than school, home, eat, read and sleep then rinse, lather and repeat. Most of the nice guys would stay away from me due the legendary self-destructive behaviour I chose to engage in following the murders. I’m truly don’t think I know what it’s like to have fun is anymore. There has been no fun in my life, it’s like there has been a cloud surrounding me, darkening my world. I shake my head. I can’t think about that now, last time I was so consumed by it and nearly didn’t come out of it alive.
Thinking more about it, I do wonder why Brax is being so forward with me. I don’t know the guy from Adam but still I found myself going out to coffee with him and even agreeing when he offered to walk me home. I’m usually very shy with strangers. I can’t pinpoint it but he seems different from guys. Maybe it’s because he’s a few years older. I am amazed that after so long, he is the first guy to garner my attention since that fateful day. No one has even warranted a second look. Something about him has thrown me for a loop. Is it his piercing blue eyes, his polite mannerisms, his cheeky smirk, his forwardness, or all of the above? After not feeling anything for such a long time, it’s mind blowing to have a total stranger have this effect on me. I can’t seem to get him off my mind. I find myself wanting to get to know him, to try and find out what it is about him. It is like he has pushed his way in while I wasn’t watching. Having exhausted myself with thoughts about Brax I decide to have a long relaxing bath and get ready for my afternoon classes.

You can buy Lost In Distraction at:


Barnes and Noble:



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Painted Lines by Brei Betzold cover reveal and chapter 1


Scout has always wanted to follow in her family’s business of custom bike building. Being female never stopped her from getting greasy and slapping on paint with the best of them, and made her work even harder at opening up her own shop someday.

When an opportunity to win $500,000 dollars in prize money presents itself, Scout and her group of misfit friends sign on the dotted line to be filmed for a reality television show to win it. But like anything in life there’s always a catch to free money.

When nightmares of the past meet dreams of the future, Scout is forced to face her demons, or be quickly over run by the memories. In the midst of her inner turmoil, family will come home, and possibly a life she never expected to have could be within her grasp.

Release date is June 18 2013

Chapter 1
I walked into the garage and took a deep breath inhaling the familiar scents of oil, gasoline and oranges. It smelled the same as any other shop I have ever been in; it smelled like home. I had grown up in motorcycle shops, garages, and custom paint shops, following my father around his shop and later my grandpa, Saul, learning the trade as well as picking one up of my own. Which is what lead me here, joining a team of misfits to compete for a cash prize we hoped to win then use to open our own custom bike shop. We didn’t have big plans, just a small shop that we could perform our own forms of artistry out of, creating one of a kind motorcycles for people who could afford them. I looked over at the other three members of my team, one being my best friend. We both grew up following our fathers around and later my grandpa. The other two were relatively unknown, but geniuses we had found along the way, kindred spirits in wanting to pursue this dream with us. We had all come together and created our own nonconformist family, and now we had finally found a means to an end, or so we hoped.
I looked around the shop we would be creating in for the next six weeks, there were seven stalls one for each team to work in, along with everything we would need to create works of art that would be required of us. I could build a bike, being taught at a young age had its advantages, but my particular specialty was paint. Simon, my best friend, could do a bit of everything including running a shop's business aspect. Kale was an engine expert; he could build or fix almost anything with moving parts. Then there was Liam, he was a miracle worker with metal, he could craft it, mold it in ways I had never seen before. I hoped that with all of our combined strengths, knowledge, and luck we would be able to win this competition and then the $500k the winner would receive.
I heard shuffling behind me and peeked over my shoulder, I couldn’t help the grin that spread across my face. In walked a man who I had known since birth, and still called uncle. He returned my grin and held his arms open for me, which I instantly ran into.
“Scout,” he breathed out hugging me tight.
“Uncle Matt,” I replied.
“What are you doing here, Seraph?” he asked using the name he had called me for as long as I can remember.
I shrugged. “Same as you would be my guess.”
He finally let me go only to wrap his arm around my shoulder. “Simon,” he said giving a nod.
“Dad,” Simon replied.
“So I take it Saul still refuses to help,” he stated, we both knew he would never help me; he was of the old school mind set. If you wanted something bad enough, you went out and made it happen by yourself so you appreciated it more once you had it. Not that I could find any fault in his logic, and preferred it this way.
“Yep,” I replied, “but that’s ok, I would rather do it on my own.”
“Oh I know that Seraph, you’ve always wanted to do things yourself.”
I looked over at the other five guys that had walked in with Matt, smiled and waved at the guys that I had also known a long time, they all returned it as they passed by me.
“Heard anything from Cas?” asked Matt.
“Yeah, yesterday actually.”
“How is he?”
“Doing well, ready to come home though.”
“Yeah, I am sure you’re ready for him to come home.”
I swallowed and nodded, my brother Cas was currently in Afghanistan on his second tour with the Marines, and was supposed to be home in a month. I was beyond ready for him to come home, especially since this would be his last tour; he had decided not to reenlist.
“He still plans on not reenlisting?”
“Told him if he did, he had better beg to be sent back over because it would be better off than having to face me.”
“That’s my girl, and since he’s smart and knows you, he won’t test you on this.”
“Let’s hope,” I muttered.
“I would be more afraid of you, Seraph, even with all his training,” Uncle Matt chuckled giving me another one armed hug before letting go to look around.
I looked over at my team and smiled, they all looked a little shell shocked looking around at who all was there, and I couldn’t blame them. Other than Simon, my team was newer and didn’t know Matt and his team well, only their reputation, which was well earned. I knew that we could beat them. They tended to stick to the old school ways, where we tended to pull inspiration from everything.
We continued to stand around and talk amongst ourselves as we watched more groups of competitors walk in, most of which I knew personally or knew of. I noticed Uncle Matt staying near our group, as if to protect me, who knew from what, as far as I knew he wouldn’t be competing with us. He would never lower himself to competing for money on a television show, plus, in all reality he didn’t need the money like most of us did.
I noticed a lot of the known shops were here only with the not as well-known builders being the ones to show up. I could understand that, wanting to make a name for yourself outside of the shop you worked for; this would be the way to go about it. As we stood around waiting for everyone to show up, I said hellos, and listened to how everyone’s families were doing. All the while checking out the competition and meeting those I didn’t already know, with one team still not here, we were called into a meeting with the production crew. We were quickly brought into a group and began listening to the rules, the way it all worked, and all the other info we had already been told.
I looked around wondering who the last team was. Simon elbowed me in the ribs causing me to look up and finding the producer of the show staring at me. I decided to focus up front and look around when we were finally finished.
Two hours later, we were finally released after signing all the contracts, agreeing to the rules again, and listening to more people who I didn’t really care about talk. They still weren’t telling us who the judges would be, which was fine with me, wasn’t really worried about it at this point. My largest concern was getting to the hotel so I could shower and sleep since I had been awake for over twenty-four hours at this point. I made my way to my brand new Ducati Diavel Dark, bought for me by my older brother Cas for my twenty-first birthday. I loved it, though while I loved this bike and its speed, I still preferred my 2009 Sportster Iron 883, that Saul, my grandfather, bought me for my eighteenth birthday. I was ready for my Harley to be delivered to the house we were renting while in Sturgis, Wyoming for the competition then the bike rally that was in two months.
I hated motels but I could handle one night in the hotel then we would be moving to our rental, but I was not looking forward to living with three guys. I had lived with Simon, Kale and Liam before, and knew for a fact that they are all slobs. I don’t think it was something Simon’s wife would ever break him of. Though I was looking forward to his wife, Cameron, coming soon with their infant son. I missed them both, and I am sure it would help Simon’s mood once they got here as well. I was reaching for my helmet when I heard someone clearing their throat behind me, I glanced over my shoulder and found my Uncle Matt watching me.
“What’s up?”
“Want to go get some dinner?”
“No, not really, I want a hot shower and some sleep.”
“Come on, Seraph, let's go get a burger,” he wheedled.
“Uncle Matt, I am tired, I just got here before we had to meet up for this, now all I want to do is check in and get some sleep.”
He nodded rubbing his hand against his beard that was greyer than the red I was used to. “Come on, Scout, get some food with me.”
I sighed, he wasn’t going to let this go. “Fine, but let’s make it quick.”
“Ok, follow me?”
I nodded and grabbed my helmet, pulled my hair up and tucked it in. Once my helmet was on, I swung my leg over and started my bike, its low purr vibrating throughout my body. Damn, I loved this bike. I followed Matt out of the parking lot and through the city streets, pacing myself with him and his chopper.
Once we pulled up in front of the Easyriders Saloon, I pulled up beside him turning off the bike and taking off my helmet.
“So where’d ya get that?” he asked gesturing to the bike.
I smiled. “Cas got her for me for my birthday.”
“What’d ya name her?”
“Angel,” I replied smiling over at him I stroked her tank affectionately I had plans for her.
“She’s all stock?”
I nodded. “Yeah, she’s stock, haven’t had her long.”
He shook his head mumbling something, probably something derogatory about my bike, damn old school bikers. We walked towards the restaurant in companionable silence I knew he wanted to talk to me about something, but wouldn’t get around to it until he was damn good and ready.
After we were seated and looking over menus, I couldn’t stand the quiet anymore. I was either going to fall asleep where I sat or throw something at him. I was currently leaning towards sleep. I really needed to sleep, and I had ridden through non-stop from San Diego to here. Cas and I shared a townhouse in San Diego, since he was hardly home it was more my house that he paid half the rent on. It worked out well for us since it gave me my privacy as well as a place for Cas to crash when he was in the states. Though I think the main reason he had wanted me to move into the townhouse is he wanted to make sure I was someplace safe. My eyes were doing the slow blink, like they weren’t sure if they would have the energy to reopen the next time, so when someone cleared their throat beside me I nearly jumped from the booth.
I glanced up and found an irritated looking waitress snapping her gum my direction, I looked over at Matt and found him looking at me expectantly.
“Your drink order, ma'am?” she asked sounding annoyed.
I cleared my throat and ordered a cup of coffee. I desperately needed the caffeine. When I looked over at Matt it was to find him smirking at me, that all-knowing smirk of his that used to get me to fess up to whatever I had done, and he never had to say a thing.
“What?” I grumbled.
“How long since you last slept?”
I squinted in his direction doing the math. “Thirty-six hours or so I think.”
He shook his head at me. “Why?”
“Had things to do before coming here, then there was the ride up,” I responded around a yawn.
“What was so important you couldn’t sleep, Seraph?”
“Had to get things ready for Cam to drive up, get things done around the house for when Cas comes home, and then a couple of things at the shop I’ve been working on,” I said giving the waitress a grateful smile when she plunked the coffee cup down in front of me. I took a big drink of the hot coffee scalding the inside of my mouth, it burned, but the pain helped wake me up some.
I waved her off after Matt ordered his food, not really in the mood for food. Just really wanting to find out why Matt had asked me to come out with him instead of letting me go to bed.
“When’s Cas coming home?”
“Next month, then he’s taking leave and then it will be time for his reenlistment.”
“What’s he going to do when he gets out?”
“We’ve talked about him helping me get the shop open then working there, but honestly, I don’t think he really wants to do.”
Matt nodded. “Then what does he want to do?’
“I have no idea and I don’t think he does either.”
“Well, maybe he will help out until he decides what he does want to do. You two always did work well together.”
I shrugged and looked away, we both knew the only reason my dad had taught me anything was because of Cas, so of course we worked well together.
“So what did you want, Uncle Matt?”
“Ace and Lace are competing.”
“Ah, fuck me,” I muttered gulping down the rest of my coffee and getting up to leave.

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pre-order Taken By Storm by Kelli Maine

You can now pre-order Taken By Storm by Kelli Maine now on Amazon!! It's the next book in the Give and Take series following the first book Taken and the novella No Take Backs. It's only $2.99 so you don't want to pass this up!
Both Taken and No Take Backs are some of my favorite books! My love for Kelli's work grows more with each book she puts out so take a chance on an amazing author and get the first 2 books and pre-order this one!!
Here is the link to pre-order from Amazon!